Monday, October 02, 2006

October Challenge

Thank you to Mandrina for this month's Challenge.

In October, your Challenge is another one of those "something new" things. This time it's music. I challenge you to listen to a kind of music you haven't really listened to before. Check out a CD from the library, borrow from friends and family, maybe even get a few MP3s. (The Cauldron has a listing of free and low-cost legal download sites.) Listen. Give it a fair chance. Even if it doesn't grab you right off the bat, try to find something you like about it. Keep your mind open.

I recognize, of course, that this may seem a near-impossible task for some of us who have very eclectic tastes in music. I would encourage everyone to really, really think about this and see if there's not something that they haven't listened to before... But if you honestly can't think of anything, I don't think it would be cheating to just pick something you haven't listened to much. Most people, even if they listen to and like everything, will tend to have some genres they only listen to occasionally -- try to hit one of those.

What kind of music will you be listening to?

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