Friday, October 20, 2006

What is "Religious Depth"?

Quote: "and the trad as described on the website doesn't show a lot of depth."

That was from Sunflower's post in the 'Eclectic A Four-Letter Word' thread.

What is religious 'depth'? How would you describe your path in terms of 'depth'?

Does a religion have 'depth' if it covers a wide breadth of human existence by having rules/guidelines for every little thing? Or is 'depth' a matter of underlying philosophy, so that a religion that has very little to say is still 'deep' if has lots of arguments for what it does say?

Does 'depth' imply seriousness? Does that mean something like Discordianism has no 'depth'? What about mysticism? Is that a component of 'depth'?

Or is 'depth' not even applicable to religions, but only to humans (i.e. can we only label human followers as deep or shallow, and not spiritual systems?)

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