Monday, October 30, 2006

As 'goblins' knock, evangelicals answer the door

Remember when fundie churches were having to everything they could to avoid participating in the "evils" Halloween Trick or Treating. It seems they have changed their minds. Many now welcome trick or treaters to their door to hand out tracts.

Quote from the article in The Christian Science Monitor: "Buoying tract sales, observers say, is a rising tide of evangelical passion for Halloween rituals. Four years ago in Frisco, Texas, for instance, most churches either shunned the holiday as a perceived festival of mischief or staged their own alternative event. This year, at least 11 congregations are equipping members with tracts for doorbell-answering adults and trick-or-treating kids to hand out."

The article suggests that people are giving candy and a tract. That would not have bothered me when I was a kid, but a tract alone sure would have.

Of course, what I really want to know is would the people trying to convert other people's kids with these tracts do if they heard Satanists were handing out tracts with candy?

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