Sunday, October 22, 2006

Handling Disabilities in Pagan Religions

I dunno that I'm ready, but apparently lots of others are. So, here's the full text of my post that derailed the "Challenges: Greatest Hits" thread over in the social forum.

A certain amount of ranting about the ways disabilities aren't accommodated is permissible, since that can point up specifics. But the main idea is to consider constructive approaches: things we can do to improve our understanding of the challenges involved, things we've done or seen others do to accommodate disability, ideas for things we could do. I put the thread in this folder, rather than "Worship and Ritual" or "Faith in Everyday Life" (or anywhere else) because I'd like to see all aspects of Pagan life addressed.

Very little in the way of resources? Very well, then, let us be the resource. ("You're the voice you're waiting for!")

I'll give folks fair warning: I want eventually to have a section on this subject on my (not yet extant, but I'm working on it) website, and am likely to write an article about it for my LJ (dusty, but when I start posting to it regularly again, I'll let you know where to find it). If you don't want your ideas used, or don't want to be credited by Cauldron alias (either preferring anonymity, or preferring another name), including that info in your post would be handy - I could contact each of you later, but if someone has come up with something really good and has since vanished, that'd be frustrating.

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