Friday, October 06, 2006

Magic and Morality: Conventional or Otherwise?

Generally speaking, I usually see a consensus on this board that the same morality applies to 'mundane' actions as to 'magical' actions. However, I would like to question whether being capable of performing magical operations or, if you believe that you are more aware of new aspects of reality etc, whether being aware of new facets of existence change your outlook on life and morality?

Does having more power than others (however little the difference is) require or suggest a different morality to what is conventional? Has your morality changed since adopting a new path? [Yes, I'm assuming magical practice in this thread, but if you feel that your religious path is appropriate to this discussion, join in anyway!]

Are the rules different for magical practitioners? Should they be? If you don't believe in shoulds or should nots, what influences might you expect to alter someone's morality as a result of practicng magic?

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