Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wine Runs Cold

Here's what happened, how would you interpret it?

Yesterday, after a long break, we bought a bottle of very good red wine (French wine called Le Grand Noir). As usual, we opened the bottle well in advance - this wine needs good airing - so it stood in room temperature, open, for an hour or more.

As is our custom, our home altar was furnished with two miniature wine classes and small portions of the wine (after tasting for the quality) was poured to these two classes, which were then placed on the altar.

We enjoyed our portion of the wine slowly, eating broccoli-feta pie, watching a movie, with our rats taking it easy on the sofa with us. The wine was room temperature and oh, so good.

When the bottle was finally finished, we turned to the altar (again, as is our custom). We took the miniature wine glasses from the altar, raised them to our our household gods (Pan being the one looking over the altar, but not the only one honoured), said our words of honouring / prayers silently to ourselves and sipped the wine.

The wine was - cold. No other way to put it. Definitely well below the temperature of the rest of the bottle. We both felt it and agreed. There was no question about it - we both thought the wine was simply put: COLD.

Where we sat and enjoyed our wine was less than an arm's lenght from the altar - we sat right beside it. This wasn't a question of different parts of the flat having differing temperatures.

We have our theories about the whys. What are yours?

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