Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Does Humanity Need a Cathartic Cleansing?

Lately I've come to wonder if there are too many people with too many different ideas of reality.

We have the Islamic vs Christian / Democratic vs Dictatorial / Have vs Have Not / Axis of Evil vs the Good People / etc. The rhetoric keeps escalating along with the ability to act upon that rhetoric. The news media is talking about attacking Iran as if it is already a done deal. The Islamic radicals are giving the ultimatum of convert to Islam or die. The "leader of the free world" has all but declared war on those that disagree with his vision of how the world should be.

I have to wonder if isolationism is not preferable to globalism given the current state of the latter. The global population is now considerably larger than 6,000,000,000 and the distirbution of assets is at best described as unbalanced. There is the mess is Sudan, the Middle East, North Korea, South America, and so on.

There are no voices of reason speaking out, there is no action to bring peace. Are there too many human beings on this planet? Does anyone really care enough to do anything? Does it really matter anymore?

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