Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oath to Artemis?

Lately I've been feeling Artemis' presence in my thoughts. A lot. I would love to work with her, as she represents something I've always held sacred even before I was a pagan -- the wild feminine, the huntress under the moon, and strong women. I started to pray to her, to figure out what was going on, and I got the strongest feeling that she wanted me to take an oath to remain a virgin until I marry. I could feel the words forming in my throat as soon as the idea popped into my head!

It seems as though she won't work with me unless I do. I can sort of feel her hovering, like she's watching but outside of my awareness until I take that oath. I guess I just wanted to say this, and get some input. I've never had an experience quite like it, and I'm a little weirded out. Has this happened to anyone else?

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