Saturday, September 09, 2006

When Do (Don't) Messages/Events Come From Gods?

Quite frequently on this forum, threads are started along the lines of 'This happened, it's a sign from the Gods, which one do you think it is?' or 'Is this a sign/ omen?' or even 'I keep thinking about such and such, so I think I'm being thwapped' etc., etc.

What I thought would be interesting is a meta-discussion about this. Do you think all events and thoughts occurring to you/others are signs (and why?)? Do you think some people might be receiving signs and omens constantly, but not others (eg: you do, others don't, or others do, and you don't)? If all events and thoughts are a message of some kind, do you act upon all of them, some, or none? How do you decide?

Do you think some events or thoughts are messages, but not others? How do you distinguish them? How do you decide to act on them?

Alternatively, do you think that omens, thoughts etc, are not messages from deities? If so, do you think that they are 'delusions' (as in the sense of not being true/ wrongly labeled) or possible signs of mental ill-health (i.e. hallucinations rather than wishful thinking)? Do you think they could represent something else within the realm of magic/occult/supernatural etc.? Do you think they could represent a form of information gathering explainable by science, rather than just random thoughts/attributions?

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