Friday, September 15, 2006

Pronouncements from On High, Do You Obey?

If your faith has an earthly leader of some sort, be it Pope, Minister, High Priestess, High Priest, Rabbi, Mullah, etc. how much obedience or heed do you give their official pronouncements governing your personal life and/or habits?

For example, Lyric posted the story about some Islamic religious leaders saying the keeping of pets (dogs and cats) was not allowed. Now, I am sure, many Muslims will disobey this edict and continue to keep companion animals But others will obey and get rid of any and all cats and dogs they own.

If you belong to a faith that has a leader or leaders, how well do you obey when they give orders that would interfere with your personal life?

Would you quit smoking, drinking...?
Marry only who they said was suitable?
Get rid of your pets?
Wear only certain colors?
Etc., etc...

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