Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sea Salt and Sandalwood

Been doing some soul searching lately, and due to problems with an ex-high priestess and ex-coven members, find myself questioning a lot of things I've taken for granted. So my new course of study is to find precedents, or documented "proof" if you will, of how certain things that seem to be offered up to be accepted "on faith" actually came into being.

I'll throw the first two out in this post, and post more as I am able to find others.

The first two are sea salt, and sandalwood. My ex-hps swore by these two. In fact, she used sandalwood oil in sea salt for everything from ritual baths to cleansing magickal tools to "banishing demons".

So here are the questions:

What is the precedent for sea salt's cleansing/banishing property?

What is the precedent for sandalwood's cleansing/banishing property?

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