Sunday, April 02, 2006

Please Post Your Memories Of Chavi

Chavi's friend Matthew had a great idea that he's seen done on other boards when a beloved member has passed over. Members post their favorite memories of the person, what they meant to them, etc. in a special thread. A copy of this thread is then printed and given to the member's family. Matthew says this is always well-received. He's volunteered to get the thread to Chavi's mother and family if we want to do this.

I think this is an excellent way to pay tribute to Chavi and let her family know how much she has meant to us, so I've started this thread. Any messages posted to this thread (except for off-topic messages or the like) will be forwarded to Matthew and printed copies given to Chavi's family. By posting in this thread, you are granting your permission for this. Please do not post off topic messages in this thread. Thank you.

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