Monday, April 17, 2006

Ritual: Memorization vs Reading

Sometimes rituals, worship, etc. involve just kind of saying whatever feels right, whatever comes to mind. But sometimes one wants to be sure something specific is said in a specific way, or wants to use something someone else has written. Either way, the words are written out beforehand and should be repeated more or less exactly as written when the time comes.

When this happens, do you prefer to bring a copy of the words into the ceremony with you and read it, or do you prefer to memorize? Why do you prefer the method you do? If you memorize, is it important to get every word exactly right or is it enough to simply be sure you're close and retain the meaning?

(And I do realize that not everyone will even ever use prewritten material. These questions are directed specifically at those who do, or might in the future if they don't already.)

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