Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Answer a Thwapping or Not?

Suppose you have been soundly thwapped by a deity. There is little or no mistake about it (at least in your mind).
However, you are not happy. Or maybe just confused.

You THOUGHT you were destined to be a devoted follower of the great and powerful tiger god*Snarfy*, however the thwapping clearly indicates you are being told to pay attention to the slug-god *Phlemmy* (yeah, I am making up names here so as not to offend anyone or Anyone, heh)

You try to duck and dodge and Phlemmy just gets more persistent. Snarfy is silent as you light candles, offer libations and utter heart-felt prayers, etc.

Maybe slugs suddenly invade your home, you find slime trails on your bathroom mirror, etc. Everywhere you go, slugs abound. Your cat, named after Snarfy's devoted companion *Snigs* runs away and the beautiful tiger statue you scrimped and saved for cracks down the middle.

You REALLY don't want to be aligned with Phlemmy. But it is getting obvious that Phlemmy wants you. Also, painfully obvious that Snarfy couldn't give a rats ass about you. What do you do?

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