Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Meditative Journeys

I know that in meditation, sometimes people try to keep their minds as still as possible, and sometimes they just try to concentrate on breathing, and sometimes they "meditate on" a topic (which may be its own thread)... And sometimes they do what can be called a guided meditation, take a kind of a journey inside their head. My limited knowledge seems to indicate that this generally involves visualizing yourself moving through an environment and interacting with it -- you might walk down a path and open a door, for example, and see what's behind the door.

Would people who use journeys in meditation (whether guided by others or thought up on their own) be willing to share their experiences in this thread? I'm curious about what kind of journeys people take and how those journeys have affected them. I'm also curious about the source of these meditations -- do you make up your own or find them in books and such? And if the former, how do you decide what to include in them?

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