Thursday, April 27, 2006

Empathy and Movies?

I don't really like watching movies very often. Lots of times when I watch a movie, I really do like it. I watched Garden State last night, and it was cool. i love thought-provoking movies when I can be convinced to sit through them, but sometimes I can't sit through a movie because I don't like having my emotions tinkered with, and I wonder if I'm getting an empathic reaction from watching movies.

I already know that I am an empath as other people's emotions, good, bad and otherwise, rub off on me easily. The only movies I can easily be convinced to watch are comedies, although on the rare occasion that I sit down to watch a serious film, I often enjoy it immensely. Even if my family is sitting down to watch a movie together, I usually leave the room and try to stay away as long as the movie is on. Does that sound weird to you?

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