Thursday, April 27, 2006

Vengence and/or Revenge?

We had a thread about forgiveness and I thought we should flip the coin a bit and look at our views on vengence... revenge... payback. Call it what you will, some folks are good at it, some people never do it.

My current faith-path does not prevent me from taking revenge/vengence on someone who has grieviously injured me.
Sometimes I feel it is necessary. I guess I am of a basically violent nature, but also I know that actual violence is not always necessary to exact revenge. Sometimes a well-timed phone call can do the deed.

There is the question of righteous vengence... which seems to be the mindset of most national governments when they go to war -- or the mindset of religious extremists when they strap on a bomb and wade into a crowded restuarant.

What's your take on revenge/vengence/payback? Is it prohibited by your own beliefs or your faith? Is it okay (up to a point)? How do your personal feelings/thoughts on it conflict or agree with your faith-path?

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