Friday, March 31, 2006

Container God?

In alot of practices, the Gods and ancestors occupy a similar state. In some cases ancestors can act as intermediaries between a living person and deity.

What if it's not our Ancestors per se, but their energy that creates the result. A 'bank' for lack of a better word where the energy that they've dedicated to worship, thanksgiving, service and random bits of self energy that is put into the holding vessel we lovingly call deity.

When we are in a time of need or crisis we can pull that energy back out to a degree with a deliberate mental statement or purpose(we have to ask).

This would be our call out to the universe. The bits and blobs of energy that have been put into god over time- and our perception of how much energy has been put in on our spiritual behalf limits the ammount of energy we can pull from 'god' and what god's name we pull under.

Eg my family is of the Oogedy Boogedy race which worshipped the god Schnargle. In Schnargles name there is the energy of at least ten people related to me spread over 3 generations. I am aware of two generations. Thus I can call upon my ancestors and Schnargle in a time of need to pull that energy back out BUT once that energy is gone it is gone, unless I follow with another act of worship or thanks to replace some of what I've pulled out.

I can also only pull what I am aware of. Two generations rather than three. Maybe why the temptation and taboo of some of the more indigenous paths. We're looking for a place where energy was put into safekeeping in a time of need with our name on it- or at least a name we can connect ourselves to to create the right mental suggestion to allow us access. Whats the password?

People who's families have generations of energy invested in this path don't necessarily want the energy of their path used by people not in their family. I'm going to be pissed if you call on Schnargle and try to pull energy because you are trying to claim jump on my families investment. In this, God is limited.

Over time are we experienceing less of god than our ancestors because we put less energy back into battery god? Because we don't whole heartedly in a belief driven fashion refill vessel god when we have pulled out energy so over time there is collectively less energy to maintain the energy, or the name that it is stored under.

I'm not saying you have to have an ancestral link to draw energy from a belief, but it makes it easier. For people who've had to start anew with a belief system, then there is a period of putting energy into the system before you can effectively pull energy out. You have to drill your own channel so to speak. Then you have to plant your own energy and see if there's a return.

What do you think?

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