Friday, March 10, 2006

Doxy's Bazaar Updated with 30 New Books

LyricFox and Randall made another pass through the various Pagan and magical books they still have in boxes and found 30 that they have not looked at since they moved to Waco. This is a good sign that they will never actually use them, so these books have been added to the list of books available for purchase on the Doxy's Bazaar web page. (We really need to get these out of here and reclaim the closet floor space from the boxes.)

Most of these books look as new as books in a bookstore and are selling being sold at around half price (or less in some cases). Postage will eat up some of that, but book rate is available in the US and is relatively cheap. For example, 10 pounds of books 3-4 average books is about $6.50 book rate postage (including a mailer). The newly added books are marked in the list.

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