Friday, March 31, 2006

Anti-Neo-Pagan Apologetics?

I often find myself debating my Christian friends on the benefits / negatives of poly and monotheism. As someone who likes to debate, I try to find as much information on "the other side" of the argument as possible.

I often read Christian apologetics (rhetoric used by Christians to defend their faith). There is one question about polytheism that was difficult to come up with a good response...

"If the gods are symbols of a fundamental spiritual reality that transcends the physical world, then it would seem that one is left with a form of fundamental monotheism that is only cloaked with polytheistic symbols.

That being the case, why should one use the symbols? Why not worship the Creator directly and explore the question of whether he cares for and has spoken to man, as monotheism has historically claimed?

In other words, if Pagan Gods are symbols of nature that equal a divine force, then why not worship a creator outside of nature directly?

As a Pluralist, I don't believe in knocking any religion, but as Pagans, we should be able to stand up to these apologetics. I'm having a problem with this one though. I have an answer, but I'd just like some input on how you would all respond.

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