Thursday, January 12, 2006

When Dreams Come True?

What if you dreamt someone before they came into your life- months before even and before you could have possible seen them subconciously in a crowd; in a time sequence with a series of events? The overall outcome was left undecided or unknown, but in a group of roughly 20 major similarities between the individual and the dream were coming together at a rather alarming rate.

Would you feel obligated to tell the other person involved anything about this dream, in particular if the telling would affect the relationship by perhaps creating unreasonable pressure?

If there were events still ahead in the sequence would you take steps to manipulate the outcome, feeling perhaps that you had been given advance notice of something for a reason? Maybe to have time to get used to an idea, or to make a plan? or would you coast along and see if events continued to occur along this time line if they didn't seem to be something that would be detrimental or against your will or moral boundaries?

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