Saturday, January 28, 2006

Druidry/Celts and Chivalry?

I am curious to know in summary, what do Druids believe in?

Multiple Gods/spirits?

I really enjoy reading books about Arthurian tales/legends as well as historical romance novels/movies, etc.

Which group most closely associates with chivalry, courage, heros, nature, etc. Were these the Celts? Are there any paths that incorporate the Arthurian tales in it, or chivalry?

Did chivalry really exist in the past and did Druids/Celts acknowledge/participate in chivalry?

What beliefs/paths still believe in chivalry?

As you can see, I am completely new, but wanted to learn from others. I enjoy reading Arthurian tales/legends as well as historical romances, so I wanted to learn more about what paths are out there that incorporate some of what I read into my belief system. Any suggestions or comments about this is appreciated. I am trying to learn more about this area of interest.

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