Friday, January 13, 2006

Meditation: A Case Of The Swirlies

The other day, while I was in trance, something happened. I had done my chakra cleansing, I had channelled energy... and I was sitting there, relaxed, enjoying the feeling of not feeling... and then, things started spinning.

Have you ever had the feeling, that you -yourself were spinning in one direction and the world was spinning in the opposite, yet you knew that everything was still? I mean, I could open my eyes, see that I wasn't spinning, know that I wasn't moving, but I still had the spiral feeling going on.

Things got so bad that when I did pull out of the meditation (my leg decided to tell my brain that it was getting a cramp) I crashed... I mean literally. I felt like I had been spinning in a circle and suddenly stopped to land on my face. I was even sick to my stomach afterwards.

I grounded myself, caught my breathe, but I was still dizzy for about... 20 mins afterwards.

I wasn't doing drugs, I wasn't drinking, I wasn't even chanting. I was just being still.... ... so what happened to me?

Could someone give me some input please?

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