Monday, January 02, 2006

Ignore A God, Create A Demon?

I heard an expression today that I've found myself returning to and puzzling over: "A God ignored is a demon born."

The context of this was a conversation in which I'd mentioned, somewhat offhandedly, that the Horned One is not really part of my path. I don't disbelieve in Him, or have "issues" with Him, I just have enough Gods and Goddesses Whom I worship already.

I suppose an argument could be made for Pan filling that role in my personal pantheon, but I don't really associate Pan with many of the attributes I frequently hear mentioned with regard to the Horned One in Wiccan parlance. Anyway, that's somewhat beside the point for this question.

This fellow's argument was that if we don't give all Gods Their due, we're somehow imposing negative energy upon Them and turning Them into demons. I can see how some Gods have been demonized in some people's minds, but he seemed to be arguing for the potential to inflict actual damage on Them.

I could see an argument made that in having sufficient fear energy around a particular God, one could create a demonic thought-form to which one had attached the name of that God. But simply "not following" or "not worshipping" a particular God? That seems absurd to me. There are too many of Them.

Has anyone here ever heard that saying? If so, how do you interpret it? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

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