Saturday, January 14, 2006

Too Tired to Circle...

So what do you do when you're commited to leading circle- like months in advance and when the date comes around you're just not feeling it?

My particular excuses being too tired, over commited, double booked for the evening- after circle I have a dance gig, and just not sure I have that extra *oomph* to put on a spectacular event- two spectacular events rather.

I've managed to work it down into a lower key event, focusing on planning, planting and growing qualities within yourself that can be applied to multiple areas of life.

I want to avoid people choosing things like "love" or "money" when choosing what to name the bulb we will be planting to represent this quality. Typically when someone says love in this context they have a specific type of love in mind. When someone says money they've already seen a comic dollar sign flash in their minds eye and any serious comtemplation is out the window.

I'm also torn between not having enough energy to go around, but the more I focus in on what I have to do for the first leg of the evening the more tired I start feeling. I have a tendancy to get caught up in the current though and before I know it dumping myself into it.

So how do you muster up the energy?

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