Friday, January 27, 2006

Coincidences and Synchronicities - What Do They Mean?

ately the synchronicities and weird coincidences are coming to a fevered pitch in my life. before it would happen every now and again but in the past 24hrs its getting to really be alot.

just now i was speaking to a friend and the other line rang (i'm at work) and it was someone with the same last name as my friend.

this morning on my way to work i looked up just as we were crossing a street with the same name as a friend that i was with last night.

last night at a bar a man told me, i know you, we went to school together, i had no idea who he was and dont remember him.

10 minutes ago a man camed into the office and looked at me and said, i know you, we have friends in common and i have partied with you, but i dont remember him.

What is this supposed to mean??????

This kind of stuff has begun happening to me in the past couple years; at first they were the kind of things i could just brush off but now its so pronounced i cant ignore it.

The one event that really made me realize that it wasnt just strange coincidence was when i was watching a film with some friends and there was a scene where a phone was ringing, and while we were watching this my mother called me, then my friends mother called her, and then my other friends mom called him. we were all talking to our moms at the same time while this scene played on with the phone ringing on the tv.

Any insight appreciated!

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