Sunday, January 22, 2006

Deities Versus Myth And Legend

Ok, some of the conversation on the "Kali" thread got me to thinking, and I wasn't sure whether to put this there, or here, or under the mythology section. I decided the mythology section was too pre-determining, perhaps.

Talking about why my one-time friend apparently got a fly-by from Kali, when it was in no way related to her tradition got me wondering about some other seeming fly-by moments from Gods and Goddesses.

Reconstructionists, in my experience, can be very dogmatic about deities being very much what myths describe...and not a whit more. Not all, of fact many who get that way with me remind of of some of the more simple minded Christian fundies who can quote chapter and verse, but can't interpret a word of it. Anyhow, the question it raised for me is this: does myth and source material determine your apprehension of an experience or only start it?

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