Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Making the Mundane Sacred

I've never been good at keeping up with a regular worship, devotional, or ritual schedule. The closest I come to any religious routine is a quick morning petition of "Bless, guide, and protect me on this day and all my days." I also manage to mark the seasonal changes, but hey, those are hard to miss.

In lieu of regularly scheduled practice, I try to find ways to incorporate the sacred (spiritual, divine, whatever-you-call-it) into my day-to-day activities. My daily walk becomes a time less focused on exercise than on connecting with the local land spirits. Stitches in sewing projects are set to the rhythm of chanted prayers and blessings. Specific flowers and plants are put in the garden as offerings. I think you get the picture.

Does anyone else do this? In what ways to you turn seemingly mundane acts into spiritual/religious ones?

Do you think that this sort of multi-tasking diminishes or enhances your spiritual/religious experience? Should religious/spiritual activities be separated from those that are mundane? Or should just the opposite be true - that we should try to integrate our mundane and spiritual/religious lives as much as possible?

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