Monday, July 25, 2011

Does Ghost Radar App Work?

A friend showed me the app a while back and I bought the pay version so we could compare. Not much difference. I like the free version a bit better actually.

Still has anyone used the Ghost Radar app with any success?

My friend thinks it works, but I have doubts. Stupidly, I didn't look into how much access it has to other information on my phone and every coincidental word that pops up could easily have come from other information on the device.

I am not as in touch with the spirits as I would like to be or as I suspect several here are, but my best guess as to how to check the thing would be to ask a spiritualist where he or she puts it on a scale from possible potential to massive eye roll. And it may take more personal experience with the app than a day trip to Lilydale would allow.

So if any spiritualist here has the app and has an opinion, could you share it with me? Thanks in advance if you can!

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