Sunday, July 10, 2011

Advice on how to say a Big thank you to my patrons and those who have helped me.

So... for many years my husband and I have rented and we have wished to own our own home. We had been very hard up financially, could only afford to rent a very small and unsuitable housing commission house and had less than desirable neighbours. Let's just say things have been hard. We wanted to own our own home, to provide stability for our young children, 2 of whom have autism, to have a place for our own.

This year a house went on the market at a very cheap price, that was within our budget and not something that would be available again in the foreseeable future. The house was for sale through a Government funded program to help low income earners to buy a property. There are not many of these houses available and not many would ever be suitable for our family. The way I saw it, this was going to be our only chance for a long time.

So, I discussed this at length with my patrons and asked for their help. I also performed what I personally consider for me, a big ritual, asking for help to purchase this house, how it is perfect for us, why it is so important to us etc. etc. I asked everyone who I had ever had help or advise from and the angels and patrons whom I work with regularly and my deceased relatives and ancestors. I was open and honest about my needs and feelings.

I was granted the home loan and the application to purchase the house was successful. I knew in my heart it would be, but it was a long and drawn out process, there were a few problems along the way, but they were all sorted out. I know how hard 'they' worked to get my family this house. I know what a big deal it is. I have never asked for anything like this before and it was a big ask.

So, my point is. I have been given a Huge gift. And, it is Very important to me to say thank you in the right way. Yes, I have said thank you many times, but I want to do something special. This deserves something special. I am planning on a big ritual when we move into the house to say thank you. I'm just not sure about how to go about it and what things I can be doing to say thank you.

I do not follow a specific path as such. I believe in a God and Goddess, separate from others and also the existence of many other Gods and Goddesses. I also believe in an all encompassing universal "one" or "Almighty" (but I don't mean God and I don't really understand it, just that it is there). My main patrons are Artemis, Dionysus and Aurora. I have also been touched and helped by many others, not just Greek. I also have regular contact with many Angels and Nature spirits have been known to show up too. I do not choose who I work with, they have always chosen to come to me. So my thanks is very important in that they have gone out of their way to be a part of my life. And. I have asked them for something huge and they have granted me my wish.

What I am asking advise about is how do I say thank you for such a huge involvement in my life from everyone. I would like to hear your experiences. How do you say thank you for Big things you have been granted? What offerings, rituals etc do you use? What ways other than a ritual do you say thank you? Are there specific ways of thanking that might be expected or preferred? I am open to anything, any suggestions and would love to hear from others' experiences. UPG is important.

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