Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How to write a prayer?

This is a very open-ended question, I realize there is no simple "how-to" answer, but I'm never one to turn away other peoples' insight.

How do you write a prayer?

As a bit of background, I need a bit of structure. Not in all aspects of life, but when it comes to my spirituality, I feel like everything's just SO BIG and thankfully my Deities are patient with me as I figure this out. (a very strange analogy comes to SO paid for a WoW account so I could play it with him and share that part of his life, and when I first started everything seemed so endless and open with no specific point and it drove me nuts. this is kind of the same way, without the "no specific point" bit; it's so endless and open and I'm so small)

I found a couple prayers written by others for Manannan, my patron, and I wrote them in a small little book that I keep with me throughout the day. I wrote a prayer for my cousin's baby when he was nearly dying from severe asthma, but it sort of felt like that wasn't completely my doing, it just sort of happened. What I want to do is write my prayers in this small little book so I have them with me, and I want them to be my own prayers, my own words to the God/desses, not always echoing someone else. (however pretty someone else's words might be...) I write creatively on the side and am definitely my harshest critic, I find everything wrong with every word I write, and it's the same with prayers when I try to write them. I can't shut off my inner editor-critic-snide-little-voice.

So instead of asking how I should write a prayer, I want to know how those of you that do, do it.

And if I have to sit here and flounder until I figure it out, that's fine. I floundered in WoW but have no out-leveled my SO by reaching level 80 before he did
, I'm pretty sure I'll eventually find a groove for prayer that works. I can almost hear Manannan chuckling that how I write prayers doesn't matter to Him; pretty sure He thinks it's silly that it matters to me.

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