Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Need Advice on Preventing "Telepathic"/"Sympathetic" Pain

I'm looking for advice about an energy-related health issue. Please bear with me while I explain.

As many of you know, I've suffered from severe migraines since childhood. They've gotten so bad that I can no longer work. My older daughter (I'll call her "D") has also had problems with migraines since she was a young teenager, but hers weren't too bad. She could manage them pretty easily with the right meds.

About 4 months ago, D was in a car accident in which her foot was broken. She was on crutches and strong pain meds for several weeks, which forced her to withdraw from classes for the semester. Since she had nothing better to do, she started hanging around with me for most of the day, virtually every day. After a couple of weeks, we realized her headaches were getting worse and worse. We tried a variety of potential remedies with no luck, so we sat down and thought about what might be triggering the increase and severity of D's headaches. And that led us to our theory of telepathic -- or sympathetic -- migraines. Cheesy

She and I have always had a very strong empathic link, to the point where we can practically read each other's mind. We suspect that D is experiencing some degree of my migraines through this link. (I know how that sounds. But we really do think that's what is happening.)

So, what we think we need to do is to somehow block me from sending the pain to D and shield D from feeling it. But we don't want to damage our link otherwise.

Has anyone experienced anything like this "telepathic pain"? How did you deal with it? Suggestions for establishing a very selective shield? Or a very selective block? We both work well with symbols and amulets, and with all kinds of stones and scents, so we're also very open to ideas for using tools like that to help us.

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