Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding That Small Group?

So HypotheticalPagan is looking for a religious witchcraft group. They've checked out WitchVox and similar resources, and don't find anything that resonates yet. Maybe the stuff near them is very big on gender polarity, and they're queer; maybe they'd like to find something with a pantheist flavor; maybe the groups nearby are too ceremonial, or too casual; maybe there are various other incompatibilities.

What Hypothetical wants is not something that's totally outre. It falls within the realm of eclectic Wicca or neo-Wicca or some other flavor of reasonably codified religious witchcraft, so it's quite likely that someone is doing it. However, that someone is not near Hypo, or if they are, they're not advertising their presence on WitchVox and dropping off flyers at the local crystal shop.

What should Hypothetical do? They would like to join rather than found a group, to have someone to share praxis and experiences with. None of the groups that are visibly seeking new blood seem right. There are quite likely more out there that don't advertise themselves, even if they are willing to take on new members, but Hypo has no idea how to find them.

Word of mouth is great ... if one happens to know someone who knows of a group that would be a good fit for Hypothetical.
Reputation is great ... if the groups care to have a public presence. (And that raises the question of whether one would want to pursue a more secretive group.)
Both of these require being a significant presence in a local pagan community, which may be hard to do.

What are some other options or ideas?

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