Sunday, May 08, 2011

Beginning magic and exercises?

I've been interested in pagan, eastern spirituality, and magic for a couple of years now. Mostly just been doing a lot of reading up to this point, it's hard for me to put faith in something that hasn't been proven to myself yet.

My question is how did you get started in magic? What are your reasons for practicing it, and what types of things do you do with magic? Such as prayers, spells, energy work etc.

Do you do exercises in order to further develop your magical abilities? One book I've been reading that has given me a lot of interest in getting started is "Franz Bardon - Initiation in to Hermetics" - The reason I'm drawn towards it is because he has you do intense exercises involving a lot of meditation, working with the subconscious, reflecting and developing your character through making a black and white soul mirror. With his system he believes that anything is possible through hard work, dedication, and having good karma (using magic for the right reasons)

I think Bardon's system is great because you can be a Celt, Wiccan, Buddhist, or even just eclectic and still use his system to help train yourself.

To me it just doesn't seem like one could really further develop their magic without having the dedication and devotion towards it in a very serious way. Not to knock on anyone, but wouldn't it be dangerous if anyone could practice magic regardless of their character and intentions?

My last question is - if it's not too personal I'd love to hear you describe your first true magical experience where you knew without a doubt that your spell or magic worked.

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