Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do about People with Icky Energy?

I am sensitive to energy, and my beliefs require that I use that to benefit the people and Mother Earth. So there have been times where I have ran into good people with really icky energy. I use a reflective shield, so it's not my gift causing me problems in that area. It's just that I want to help these people but have no way to approach some of them with my help.

I can't just walk up to some one and say" excuse me but I can see and otherwise sense auras and yours looks like it needs some cleaning, would you mind if I do energy work on you and teach you how to clean your aura so it doesn't get like this again?" It just would not work.

So what I have done is realized that these people are responsible for their own aura and if one day they find out what one is and choose to get energy work done on them they can do so. If I am in a room crowded with people with dirty auras I make a grounded vortex and say if they are in spirit ready to release the negative energy let them do it. Then I close the vortex when I leave.

I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if so what do you do about it.

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