Monday, May 09, 2011

Creating a divination technique?

I'm in a sort of grey area where, while feeling the need or will to use a divination technique, especially as a communication instrument with the Gods, I find the most common methods today to have a limited appeal on me. I tried tarot cards or simple game ones, but I had a hard time dealing with the more astrological, esoteric, and Judeo-Christian elements, not to mention that no deck I've seen online resonates deeply with me. I thought about the Mythical Tarot, but the older and, in my view, better version is no longer available; animals are a rich topic, but I'm more of a dog than cat person and there aren't that many dog decks out there; and yes, there are a lot of pagan decks, but mostly Wiccan.

The case is more or less the same for other divination techniques, so, taking the "do it yourself" approach, I decided to come up with my own Mercury-inspired oracle, with letters and animals drawn on glass pebbles. Which brings me to my question.

Has any of you ever created your own divination technique and, if so, what would you suggest regarding testing or experiencing with it? I'm aware that the exact answer may depend on the particulars of the technique and the gods it's linked with (and the directions He/She may give you), but it's always good to ask and profit from others' experience in whatever advises and ideas they may share. If you ever had the experience, what did you do and how did it go?

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