Monday, April 19, 2010

Sad News: Elspeth Passed On This Morning (19 April 2010)

Elspeth's husband called me to say that Elspeth passed over this morning at home and in her sleep. No funeral arrangements have been made yet, but I will pass on the info when I get it.

As Elspeth has been very ill and has not been on the board much these past few years (and maybe only once in the past year or so), many new members do not know her. Long time members will remember her, as she is very hard to forget. Not to mention the fact that this board exists because of her. When we set it up on Delphi, it cost money to have your own forum on the service. I started it as a Yule present for her. She was very active on TC in the early days -- before her various illnesses caught up with her -- and was one of the people most responsible for getting this board going and giving it the direction it has had all these years.

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