Monday, April 12, 2010

Questions about the Pentagram rituals

I read that I should the Lesser "Invoking" Ritual of the Pentagram in the morning and the Lesser "Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram at night before bed. I have been doing this every morning, invoking all of the elements with their respective pentagrams, using my wand, and vibrating the names of God. I finish with the the part "Before me Raphael, Behind me Gabriel, etc." and the Kabbalistic Cross (which actually starts the whole thing also). At night I do the same thing using my athame and the banishing pentagrams. I guess let's start with the morning ritual. 1) What exactly am I doing by drawing the invoking pentagrams with the wand, stabbing the center, and vibrating the names? 2) Am I calling on the elements or the Archangels? 3) Am I asking them to protect me, or am I asking them for power? 4) Does whatever is invoked stay with me for the day until I banish at night? 5) If I were to use the same pentagram (say fire invoking) in all four directions, would I feel that element strongly with me?

6) As for The Banishing Ritual, am I banishing away the Archangels and is that rude? 7) Am I asking the Archangels for protection against negativity? Cool Am I banishing negativity? 9) Do the Invoking and Banishing rituals work like and On/Off kind of thing? 10) When using these rituals as part of other rituals, or ceremonies, would I do the LBRP after casting a circle or before? 11) Is the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram the same as calling the quarters, and would this come before or after the Banishing when used in a ceremony?

Now The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram. What is this ritual used for (I can find tons of info on how to do it, but none on why)? Is it used daily like the lesser rituals, or only to gain certain energies, say for spellwork? I really don't know anything about the Greater ritual of the Pentagram, so any info or anecdotes are much appreciated.

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