Monday, April 19, 2010

How do you incorporate a patron diety into your Wiccan spirituality?

I've been looking into Wicca for a few months. And this includes praying to the Goddess and God, as well as other deities.

Lately I had been getting a strong sense of THE or A Goddess. And as I've noticed my spirituality taking different themes within each of the past moon cycles, I know that in this cycle I would grow closer and get to know this Goddess.

Well, via some signs and some sense, I believe the Goddess to be Brigid. What I don't know is whether I keep praying to the Goddess and God, as well as to Brigid. Or does this mean that I know who the Goddess is to me, and should now pray to Brigid and the God. (And then, one day, learn who the God is to me.)

Most of me believes that the Goddess and God are still as they are. Nameless, ultimate, and most inclusive. And even while keeping them most primary in my heart, I still payed some devotion to specific deities such as Hanuman and Krishna. So maybe Brigid is just now the most foremost specific deity and spiritual mentor.

Of course, this is less of an issue if one isn't Wiccan, and something like a Witch or Druid instead.

I know there's not right answer to this. I'm just looking at other people's experience and insights.

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