Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Genuinely Curious About Pagan Gods

I am not a practicing Pagan, but I've had a long fascination with Paganism since I was in high school (and I really was in it for the spiritual aspect). My path with paganism got derailed for various reasons, but I just keep coming back and wondering about it, despite myself.

I have 2 questions that won't go away, and I would greatly appreciate it if some experienced/knowledgeable Pagans could answer them for me!
1) I know Pagans can choose which deities to believe and worship, but does this mean that they assume that all the recognized/established gods/deities in our known history exist? How can they assume so, or how do you justify this belief? I guess the question could be turned on me: how can I justify my not believing that all these deities exist...and I guess I would just have to say: all these deities of "past civilizations" seem like creations of humanity to me. I do believe in some sort of spiritual force, but all these different and specific pantheons of gods...I can't help but feel like they are constructions of man. But I'm really not trying to piss anyone off here, I just really want to know what you believe and why...I just want to find some answers for myself, too! I would love to be convinced otherwise.

2) If you were to acknowledge good deities/spirits, then don't you acknowledge the evil ones as well? Are there evil ones?

Sorry that these questions are so basic...most of the readings I did on Paganism in high school was mainly on the practices of magick and not the theory. So yes, if anyone could answer these questions of mine, I would greatly appreciate it! Hopefully I haven't ruffled too many feathers or ticked anyone off.

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