Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snakes, snakes, snakes....

Since a while now I'm constantly seeing snakes in spirit journeys or in meditative/dreamy moments. Mostly it's just for a short moment. I see and feel them coiling or crawling around my arms (heads going in the direction of my hands), once I saw them also coiling around my whole body.

My first thought was that since snakes are a very common pagan symbol it might just be kinda brain chatter randomly picturing energy flows. I also feel very energised by that.

But I have the nagging feeling that there's something I'm not getting, something important about this I don't understand or don't want to. Once or twice several years ago I've also thought I've seen a 'ghostly'/spirit kind of image of a little snake out of the corner of my eyes sitting in the same room with me (on my desk). So maybe there's something going on since a while.

I guess it might help to talk about it and collect (however random) ideas. Something someone else says might just be the spark I need to bring light into this and find my own meaning of those images.

So, does this story remind anyone of something? Do any myths, deities or snake symbologies strike you as important here?

I know there's a lot out there about snakes. Maybe there's not any culture where snakes don't have one or two meanings...that's exactly my problem.

And yes, I know Hekate is associated with snakes, I saw a woman lately with a torch and three dark dogs, so I researched Hekate. I didn't see her with snakes in the spirit journey though, so I'm a bit sceptical about her involvement. I mean if she 'sends' me snakes for years to get my attention, why should she simply appear in a spirit journey without snakes? Would be a lot of work just to get my attention, when holding a torch in my face was enough to convince me. And the snake stuff went on after that little encounter.

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