Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Religion Remains Elusive at Present

Have you ever felt like things were finally coming together again in your religious life, only to have it blow up in your face?

Recently, someone else posted on here about how he was experiencing a religious dry spell. I commented on this entry and told him that I was going through the same thing--it tends to happen. Personally, I'm finding it difficult to worship the sun disk while working third shift. I know a lot of people on this forum commented on that entry with the same bit of advice: things like this tend to happen and we can only get through it to the best of our abilities.

Anyway, as I said, my current problem is that I'm having issues celebrating the Kemetic sun deities since the sun is, of course, anathema to me. However, I was finally coming to grips with this. I had begun instruction with my son on the Kemetic deities (well, religions in general) and it was making me feel like I was finally slipping through the gorge in the middle of my path. So, tonight, I felt especially connected to netjer and was going to do... something... with that feeling. So, I went to do something with it and... I find myself back in the religious desert I was screaming about/cursing about only a week ago.

So, have you ever thought you were finally getting out of your dry spell only to realize that you were bypassing an oasis instead of having actually come to the Promised Land?

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