Saturday, March 27, 2010

Being Borrowed

This is a question mainly for the polytheists who worship more than one God/dess, but it's a bit of clarification about deities' practices with people.

I recently had some, ah, romantic trouble, shall we say, and I was obsessing over it just a little bit (read: a lot). I was confusing myself even worse than the issue itself was confusing me, and I think Manannan finally got well and truly over my whining, and realising that I wasn't going to work the problem out on my own, called in Aenghus to help out. I worship both Gods, but Manannan is my patron. What ended up happening was that Manannan lent me to Aenghus for the week, while Aenghus helped me work out the issues. Afterwards, I lit a candle for Aenghus and thanked Him specifically for the help.

So does anyone else get involved in cosmic games of Catch like this? If you worship one main God/dess, do you ever get passed over to another God/dess for help? Is there any etiquette you usually observe in these circumstances?

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