Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adulthood, Independence, and Ceremony

tinapo85 over in the Kink and Spirituality Thread got me thinking about adulthood and independence and how we mark them (whether physically [piercings, tattoos, etc.], or otherwise).

As tinapo noted, the decision to physically mark independence can seem "juvenile" and when done for the wrong reasons I suppose it is. However, the change from dependent to independent seems to me to be one of the big milestones in life. For those on paths that emphasis marking life's milestones, it seems like this would be a pretty major one to consider. Not to mention several historical pagan religions have precedents for adulthood ceremonies that would be relevant to recons and eclectics.

So my question for TC folks who are either approaching this point or have passed it (recently or otherwise) is how did/will you mark this passage? If you didn't/won't, why not? Does this fit under the title of spiritual practice or is it unrelated to your spiritual path?

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