Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do You Increase Your Awareness of Magical Energy?

In Wiccan circles, doing a magical working generally involves raising psychic/magical/divine energy (however you prefer to think of it) and channeling or directing it to some sort of target/goal. So to be most effective at performing spells, a witch needs to be able to feel/sense the presence of energy in the circle. He or she must feel it building, know when enough has been raised, and be able to manipulate it and direct it as needed. If this is what you do in your practice, or if you use a similar process for spellworking, I have some questions for you:

Can awareness of magical energy be cultivated or increased, or is it something you must have always had? I have heard pagans and witches express the opinion that an awareness of magical energy (or a sixth sense if you will) has to have always been there, that this is what makes a witch a witch. Do you agree or disagree? Do you feel that you were born with a sixth sense? If so, have you been able to strengthen it through your practices or is it the same as it has always been?

If applicable, how have you been able to cultivate or increase your awareness of magical energy? What advise might you give to a new witch trying to do so?

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