Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Offerings for Aine

After long,obsessive research I finally surrendered the attraction I feel for this goddess and decided to make a small shrine for her. I was a bit incredulous at first, since I never managed to connect all that much with any Celtic deity, but this one seems to be knocking on my door since awhile, hinting that She might be walking with me for awhile.

The problem is that I wasn't able to find any correspondences of colours or incenses linked to her. I know that Celts used to burn flowers in Her honor, but this helps little.

She was also strongly identified with Midsummer,so maybe incenses linked to this sabbat might please Her. I found official confirm of this nowhere,but my mind insist on associating her more with the Red colour than Gold or Yellow...possibly because She was also represented as a red mare none could outrun.

If someone of you has a personal relationship -or even a major knowledge than mine-with Her,maybe you could suggest any appropriate offerings?

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