Thursday, November 05, 2009

Buy Pagan and Magick Supplies Through The Cauldron

As long time users of The Cauldron probably remember, we had an affiliate arrangement with Pagan Shopping/Earth Spirits Emporium for many years (where things you bought earned TC a percentage). They closed down last year and we have had a hard time finding another supply house with good prices, reasonable shipping, and a large variety of merchandise to replace it.

We have finally found a supply house that meets all our requirements. You can now order from Meta Pot via our affiliate links and get the items you need while helping to fund TC (at no extra cost to you). You can go to this page -- Buy Pagan Supplies -- to start shopping. If you like Meta Pot, please bookmark our Buy Pagan Supplies page and use it to shop from so we get credit for your purchases.

They have a wide variety of Pagan Supplies. (Clicking on any the following links will also give TC credit for any purchases you make on this visit to Meta Pot.)

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