Friday, November 27, 2009

Major and Minor Arcana in Tarot Spreads

Le Chariot, from Nicolas Conver's 1760 deck.Image via Wikipedia

When working with tarot cards, how do you read major vs. minor arcana cards? I have worked with tarot cards sporadically and have always had a few problems with this.

This issue came up recently for me - using the Celtic cross spread - when most of the cards in the spread were from the major arcana. Would this influence your reading of the question itself - i.e. that the issue in question is more significant that you originally thought or that the question is particularly significant in the subject's life? Would you just assume that the question itself is particularly difficult or contentious for the subject of the reading, but not that it is necessarily excessively important in the subject's life? Do you feel that major arcana cards necessarily have more influence than minor cards, or do you feel that it is simply more important to look at the cards' meanings without giving one more importance than another?

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