Friday, November 27, 2009

Basic Sigil Magick?

SigilImage via Wikipedia

I've been looking into basic sigil magick for a long time but have never delved into it. I understand the basic premise, that being write your intent, cross out repetitive letters, build a sigil out of what remains, then meditate on it. Other than that, though, I've heard some conflicting approaches, such as eliminate vowels all together and destroy the sigil after working with it, before it manifests? In my mind I'm not so sure that eliminating the vowels would have much overall use, but I'm wondering about what to do after the sigil is created. I've heard to masturbate and concentrate on the sigil, meditate, store it in the closet out of the way, create 5 separate sigils at a time to lessen my conscious concentration on a particular sigil, etc. What if I create it, meditate, then burn it? What do you have to say about all of this? Thanks again.

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