Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does your Tarot Deck Have a Consciousness?

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I know this sounds like it should be on the divination board but I'm going to turn it into a philosophical debate I hope. So to all you tarot heads out there, here we go. I went to go ask the question of the tarot, what do you really think of me and at first it just gave me overall advice on my current situation. Then I asked it again and got a little bit more along the lines of my question but still offering advice as if it had occ and couldn't help but give advice.

I feel that each deck has it's on style and personality as to how it answers you. When I was asking about my ex situation all of the time a lot of the answers I was getting from the deck was that IT didn't want the info to hurt me. Which shows care and concern and a certain amount of consciousness on the decks part to make that sort of statement.

So my questions are of card ethics and this does the tarot deck have a consciousness of it's own? And if it does would you care to share your experiences with it showing it's personality, or consciousness towards you in any way? How many times should on ask the same question of the deck before they should stop? And feel free to share like I said any experiences you've had with questions like what does the deck think of me or anything along the lines of asking the decks opinion of you, your life, or it's personal opinion of the universe. I don't think too many people think to ask so if you haven't try it out and get back to me on it because I will be and am fascinated by the subject!

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